Below are our most frequently asked questions:


*Is Hand and Foot compatible with Mac Catalina OS?
No, not at this time.

* How do I pick up the discard pile?
When the Play Discard option is used and the criteria is met, you will be notified with a different sound and a ‘Draw 2′ button. The criteria for receiving this option is having at least 2 matching cards in your hand and the discard pile containing at least the number of cards selected in the option. If ‘All’ is the option selected, then the discard pile must contain at least 3 cards. Clicking the ‘Draw 2′ button will cancel your Play Discard option and draw 2 cards from the deck. To play the discard, select at least 2 matching cards in your Hand first, then select the discard pile. If you have met the required round points or if the cards being played will give you the required points, those cards may then be played. You will be dealt the remaining discards after the top discard is played. Before selecting the draw button or the discard pile, you may still meld cards from your hand. This is helpful if you need more points in order to select the discard pile. If your cards still will not give you enough points, then your only option is to use the draw button.

* Why did I receive a message saying Online Host Stopped?
You are Hosting and our server went down or you selected Offline.
If you are Hosting Offline, your game is still being Hosted but is no longer shown on our server.
If you are Hosting Online, then players connected to you through our server are disconnected.

* I’m trying to join an Online game but it never connects.
The game’s Host firewall is blocking HFO.

* I’m trying to join an Offline game but it never connects.
The Host you are trying to connect with may not have their firewall or router configured for HFO.

* I received an Error message when selecting Online

  • Error: ? – Our server is offline.
  • Error: Two – Another copy of HFO is already connected. If your connection dropped, it may take up to 2 minutes before you can reconnect.
  • Error: Wal – Your Hosting Offline and your firewall or router is blocking the Host Port.
  • Error: Reg – Your Registration is currently in use.
  • Error: New – A new version of HFO is required to connect to our server.

Please contact HFO support if you receive an unlisted error:  support@hand8foot.com

Known Issues

  • When joining a game, an error may occur. Leaving and Joining the game again should clear the error.  This will be addressed in the next release.
  • In a partner game when you have 3 cards in Hand and try to play the Discard you may not be allowed to play. Set the Partner Foot option to ‘Optional’ to correct the issue.  This will be addressed in the next release.

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